Cherish Your Heart

Cherish your heart, cherish your dream; protect your heart from those whom you do not want it to be seen.   Follow your goals,follow your life’s aims; whatever your life story, do not feel any shame.   Use your voice, … Read More

Blossom Bunting

Hey guys! So a couple of weeks ago at blossom we had a wonderful woman come in and help us all make different bunting flags. Bunting is a piece of cord with triangle flags attached to it. Once everyone had … Read More

Easter Extravaganza

Hey guys! Last week at Blossom we had an Easter extravaganza. We started off by getting into teams of 4-5 and doing an Easter egg hunt, with a twist. Each egg was filled with 1/2 mini eggs, and if you … Read More

Blossom With Our Mums

Hello and welcome to the second Blossom Blog! Today I will be talking about our Mothers day special. The mothers all joined us girls for some tea and cake, and we had a raffle to see who could win a … Read More

Blogging for Blossom

Hello guys! Welcome to my the first ever Blossom blog! My name is Aalia, and I will be writing monthly blog posts on topics to do with either projects we are doing, or advice, stories or tips to help girls’ self-esteem. I will also … Read More

10 Reasons to Volunteer

There are endless reasons to give up a little of your time to help others. Cherished’s dedicated team of volunteers mean we are able to provide services to many more girls in Birmingham and Derby. Here are our top 10 … Read More

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