Cherished Workshop | Coping With Exam Pressure | Sutton Girls

Earlier this month, Cherished ran a series of “Coping With Exam Pressure” workshops for the girls who were due to sit their exams at Sutton Coldfield Grammar school.

The workshops provided an opportunity for the girls to discuss their worries and learn coping techniques to benefit their wellbeing as the exam season approaches.

We discussed the role of happy brain chemicals and how they can influence our behaviour. We also identified the variety of ways that we can calm our body and mind in times of high stress situations.

Each girl was provided with their own calming toolkit resource and could identify the impact that factors such as perfectionism and exam pressure can have on their wellbeing, and the ways that they could overcome this to provide wellbeing benefit!

“The essential oils that we used in the workshop helped me to feel calm.”


“I will spend time doing something that I enjoy to boost my happy brain chemicals.”


“The workshop really helped me. Perfection doesn’t exist.”

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