Blossom Bunting

Hey guys! So a couple of weeks ago at blossom we had a wonderful woman come in and help us all make different bunting flags. Bunting is a piece of cord with triangle flags attached to it. Once everyone had … Read More

Easter Extravaganza

Hey guys! Last week at Blossom we had an Easter extravaganza. We started off by getting into teams of 4-5 and doing an Easter egg hunt, with a twist. Each egg was filled with 1/2 mini eggs, and if you … Read More

Blossom With Our Mums

Hello and welcome to the second Blossom Blog! Today I will be talking about our Mothers day special. The mothers all joined us girls for some tea and cake, and we had a raffle to see who could win a … Read More

Blogging for Blossom

Hello guys! Welcome to my the first ever Blossom blog! My name is Aalia, and I will be writing monthly blog posts on topics to do with either projects we are doing, or advice, stories or tips to help girls’ self-esteem. I will also … Read More