Super Movers

Conference supporting girls with the transition to Secondary school. Giving girls the tools and techniques to make and maintain healthy friendships, myth busting assumptions of Secondary school and confidence building. New Hall Primary – Year 6 Girls  

Self Esteem

Conference focusing on 4 elements we feel massively impacts girls self esteem; exploring how we manage our thoughts and emotions, social media and peer pressure, hopes and aspirations, self worth and body image. Queen Elizabeth Grammar School – Year 8 … Read More

Brows on Fleek?

Image Created by Laverna Ellis – Cherished Supporter My gosh it consumes us doesn’t it? We are obsessed with body image. If we aren’t scrolling Instagram wishing we had that deep tan, those pearly whites and the tiniest waist on earth, … Read More


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Grooming are difficult subjects to talk about. Whilst a final year student at university, our safeguarding lectures that covered both topics had the caveat that if a student felt they needed to pop out and … Read More

Bullying Poem

I don’t like those bullies, the ones at school; Every single day they make me feel and look a fool. I dread each day, it’s tough to face; Everyday I am here, I just want out of this place. Where … Read More