Supporting girls to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure

Cherished is a non-profit organisation providing attachment focused support for girls in Primary and Secondary schools across North Birmingham. Our groundbreaking self-esteem workshops and mentoring schemes are committed to nurturing, empowering and developing the true potential of young girls.

More than 400 girls have been nurtured through our 1:1 mentoring programme
Cherished supports girls in over 35 Primary and Secondary schools in North Birmingham


Striving for a trauma informed society

Cherished is recognised as a leading trauma and attachment training provider in North Birmingham and the Midlands. We have provided ACE training to West Midlands Police, national charities and a growing number of schools.

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A safe space to share

We believe every girl should have the encouragement and support she needs to realise her full potential. Cherished offers attachment focused mentoring services for girls in small groups and 1:1, with our highly trained, dedicated mentors.

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