Poetry Workshops

Find the words and make them thunder!
We offer Poetry Workshops to girls in year 9 at secondary school. Our workshops are a space for girls to own their story, their way. Over 6 weeks the girls learn how poetry works, and how it can be used to connect with themselves and others. We explore poetry and feelings, poetry clichés and phrases and getting comfortable with performance and confidence.
Our Poetry Workshops include:

Introduction to Poetry:

To develop a modern understanding of poetry in today's society.

Poetry Clichés and Phrases:

To explore clichés and phrases to express their feelings.

Getting Comfortable with Performing:

To encourage the girls to speak out loud and own how they feel about it, is powerful.

Poetry and Feelings:

To understand how poetry works and why it makes us feel things.

Physicality of Feelings:

To explore the physicality of feelings - noticing how something feels in our body and naming emotions as physical reactions.

Putting It All Together!

A space for the girls to learn about their emotions and experiences and through that, take ownership and control over them.

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