Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Book Review – Anabelle takes a hike. By Mitzi Cherry Moye

It is about a girl called Anabelle, she is a brave girl and is not afraid to try new things no matter how difficult it is. One day, Anabelle decided to go on a hike, but since she thinks it will be a little bit scary she decides to take her cousin with her so she wont be scared.
Even though their legs were aching, instead of going home they continued their adventure. I think this shows motivation and is saying carry on , no matter what.

As they continued their journey, they discovered a pond! They called in their special space. After they shared a snack they went back home and all of them took a rock to remember their adventure.

When they were going to try new things they took their rock with them and it reminded them of their adventure with Anabelle.

I think this story shows that trying new things is not as bad as you think !

Thanks for reading.

Sian x

By Sian Fuller, Primary Blossom Attendee

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