Cherish Your Heart

Cherish your heart, cherish your dream;
protect your heart from those whom you do not want it to be seen.


Follow your goals,follow your life’s aims;
whatever your life story, do not feel any shame.


Use your voice, ensure you are heard;
sing or shout out loud, like a beautiful bird.


Cherished is here, we want to support you all;
no matter what your story is, how big or how small.


You girls are very special, so please be bold;
don’t ever feel afraid, we will help your story be told.


We know your worth, we hope you know it too;
if not, the Cherished mentors will help show you how to love you!


Cherish your heart, always cherish your dreams;
Cherished aims to show girls that they matter and that they are seen.


This poem has been written by one of our  mentors Emma, she is committed to supporting girls across Birmingham, helping them to recognise their true worth and value.

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