Easter Extravaganza

Hey guys! Last week at Blossom we had an Easter extravaganza. We started off by getting into teams of 4-5 and doing an Easter egg hunt, with a twist. Each egg was filled with 1/2 mini eggs, and if you found a butterfly, that also meant you got an egg. We ate all the chocolate and moved onto the team ‘chubby bunny challenge’. I’m pretty sure many of you will have heard of this challenge, in case you haven’t, it is where each contestant puts a marshmallow in their mouth and says ‘chubby bunny’, this simple task will get progressively harder as you stuff your face with marshmallows. The aim is to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth, whilst still being able to say the words ‘chubby bunny’. Then we played a difficult game, the name I am not aware of, however we were given 2 buckets, one next to us, filled with plastic eggs, and one on the other side of the room, empty. At our feet, a skateboard. We had to lie, stomach first, down on the skateboard, holding an egg and spoon and push ourselves to the 2nd bucket and put the egg in the bucket, the aim was to empty the 1st bucket and fill the 2nd bucket.

Next was the awards night. Awards night happens every term and is a celebration of each term completed at Blossom, and we receive a new charm for our Blossom bracelets. Then there are a few extra prizes for people who have   been exceptionally kind/helpful.

Thanks for reading and see you next time,
Aalia Raza

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