Blogging for Blossom

Hello guys!

Welcome to my the first ever Blossom blog! My name is Aalia, and I will be writing monthly blog posts on topics to do with either projects we are doing, or advice, stories or tips to help girls’ self-esteem. I will also be co-writing with some of the good friends I have made here at Cherished.

I hope you stick around for more, and check out our new stickers & merchandise to do with Just Be Yourself. This blog is part of that, so it will be a blog post at some point.

You will also have an insight into our time at Blossom, and follow us on the journey of being happy and content with the people around us, and ourselves. Watch us blossom!

Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this short introduction, the next few will be longer than this. So stick around and I will see you soon.

Love from,


Blossom Blogger

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