ACE Training // Phase Trust

This course increased my awareness and understanding of ACE’s to such a degree that I am now committed to ensuring my organisation provides trauma-informed projects and programmes. – Manager of Phase Trust

ACE Training // PCSO

This needs to be mandatory for everyone on the front line and CID. Fantastic trainer and speaker. This could really help us going forward. – Neighbourhood Local Policing

Taking Time for Self-Care

Why can self-care be difficult? What do you think when you hear self-care? When I hear self-care, the immediate picture it paints in my mind is to be sat in a hot bath with cucumber slices on my eyes and … Read More


For Professionals & Volunteers working with Children 2 out of 3 childrenhave experienced traumaThis can manifest in challenging and harmful behaviours, negatively impacting their community and those around them. “As part of our continuing commitment to empowering young women in … Read More

Blossom 1

I feel like I can just say what I feel and I get listened to.  – Alix, 9

Volunteer 6

It’s great to see the progress the girls make week by week but also the friendships you make being part of Cherished as a mentor. – Lydia (Cherished Volunteer)

Volunteering // Ann

I love the enthusiasm of the girls sharing things with you and giving them the time to express themselves. I feel privileged to be around such an inspirational group of ladies. – Ann (Cherished Mentor)

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