ACE Training // The Freedom Project

The training was an insight to how trauma affects children from a  very early age, and if it’s not dealt with how they carry the baggage through their lives.

They used a very good activity, someone in the training when it first started was asked to wear a small back pack. Half way through the trainer explained. If we don’t deal with this a Peppa pig stage it then goes onto George etc. etc. The trainer asked the lady in the training to take the bag off and asked her to explain how it felt, she said it was as if a weight was lifted. I have used this many times with the children and the young people. Maybe not literally but the theory of it

Also an anticipation exercise with a balloon. We were asked to c lose our eyes wait to see what she would do with it. My translation of this is how a child would be feeling when they were anticipation of when and how the DV would happen.

Very powerful stuff.

– Senior Children’s Co-ordinator at The Freedom Project, a domestic violence charity