ACE Training // The Freedom Project

The training was an insight to how trauma affects children from a  very early age, and if it’s not dealt with how they carry the baggage through their lives. I found the visual representations of a child’s trauma incredibly powerful.… Read More

Mentoring // Yr6 Teacher

The girls involved in Cherished are more confident in the classroom and with their peers. We have noticed academically the girls have improved. We would recommend the Cherished course to schools. – Year 6 Teacher

Mentoring // Becky

The one thing which I feel Cherished has helped me with the most is to know that it doesn’t matter how big your dreams are, as long as you want them enough there is always a way for them to … Read More

ACE Training // Phase Trust

This course increased my awareness and understanding of ACE’s to such a degree that I am now committed to ensuring my organisation provides trauma-informed projects and programmes. – Manager of Phase Trust

ACE Training // PCSO

This needs to be mandatory for everyone on the front line and CID. Fantastic trainer and speaker. This could really help us going forward. – Neighbourhood Local Policing

Taking Time for Self-Care

Why can self-care be difficult? What do you think when you hear self-care? When I hear self-care, the immediate picture it paints in my mind is to be sat in a hot bath with cucumber slices on my eyes and … Read More


For Professionals & Volunteers working with Children 2 out of 3 childrenhave experienced traumaThis can manifest in challenging and harmful behaviours, negatively impacting their community and those around them. “As part of our continuing commitment to empowering young women in … Read More

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