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Kindness Counts Journal



Our #KindnessCounts Journal encourages girls to be kind to themselves, others and the world around them through creative journal exercises. This booklet is suitable for girls aged 11-13 years. 

 The Kindness Counts Journal covers six topics of wellbeing to include:  

All About Me: A space to learn more about themselves. 

Being Kind to My Worries: A space for girls to be more aware of what anxiety is, how to manage it and how to help others who are anxious! 

Calm Yourself: A space for girls to explore calming techniques to help them cope with times of worry and stress. 

Being Kind to Myself: A space for girls to feel good about who they are and recognise the qualities that make them unique and special! 

Being Kind to the World Around Me: A space for girls to identify what they can be thankful for in their lives and how we can be kind to others. 

Being Kind to My Future: A final space for girls to set some goals, dreams and hopes for their future! 


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