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Cherished Secondary Girls Journal


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Our Cherished Secondary Journal is a space for Girls of secondary school age to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure. Through creative & engaging journal exercises, the Cherished Journal provides the opportunity for every girl to discover her unique strengths, build self-esteem, manage worries, form healthy relationships and feel supported! 

The journal covers ten topics including: 

All About Me: A space for girls to learn more about themselves & what makes them unique. 

Strength Finding: A space for girls to discover their strengths. 

Self-Esteem: A space for girls to feel good about who they are and how to be kind to themselves. 

Kindness: A space to identify how kindness can make us feel and how we can show kindness to those around us.  

Friendships: A space to help girls identify how friendships can make us feel and the characteristics that make a good friend. 

Social Media: A space for girls to reflect on their social media and internet use and identify how this can make us feel. 

Gratitude: A space for girls to recognise what they can be thankful for to feel happy. 

Managing Anxiety: A space for girls to learn how to acknowledge, manage & relieve their worries. 

Relationships: A space for girls to recognise the relationships they have in their life and identify a health from unhealthy one. 

Hopes & Dreams: A final and inspiring section of the journal for girls to envision their hopes and dreams for the future! 



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