ROAR Mentoring

ROAR is our mentoring service to support boys in school one a 1:1 basis. ROAR mentoring offers the space for boys to develop relationships, aspirations, ambitions and regulation. Our ROAR leaders offer a listening ear, a non-judgemental approach and equip boys with the skills to face life’s challenges.

ROAR mentoring is a service that we offer on a 1:1 basis for boys in primary and secondary school. We are passionate about creating a space where kindness, compassion, connection and a trauma informed practice take priority.

ROAR is a space for boys to build relationships, gain opportunities and grow aspirations and develop regulation.

Our male mentors support a boy on a 1:1 basis to feel understood, seen and listened to. Our mentors are trained to a high standard, have a Level 3 Mentoring qualification, and use a trauma informed approach. The training that our mentors receive equip them with the skills to effectively support a boy, their needs and plan mentoring sessions to create an impact. We offer a tailored approach to mentoring. This means that our mentors support the unique needs of their mentee and sessions are planned accordingly to meet those needs.

Mentoring sessions are a relaxed, safe, kind and engaging space. Each mentoring session is planned creatively to meet the unique needs and interests of the mentee. This could include arts, crafts, games and discussion.

We can assure you that the child will feel safe, seen, soothed and secure in the hands of our mentors, and as a team, Cherished are here to support you in every step of the way.

ROAR “I Am Able Course”

Our I Am Able course is an 8-week course for boys in primary school. Led by our Roar team, the I Am Able course provides the boys with the skills and tools to develop life skills and face life challenges. The course explores topics including bravery, regulation, confidence and values. The aim of our programme is to boost the confidence of young boys. The curriculum will empower and enable boys to know what confidence is, how to be empathetic, to know what love is and how to show love to others, to know what the difference is between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset and why a can-do attitude in life and school is a growth mindset.
“My mentoring sessions calm me down – the stress ball allows me to relax my body and feelings.”
Roar Mentee

The I Am Able course includes:

All About Me

For the boys to reflect on WHO they are.

What Do I Value?

For the boys to reflect on what is important to them and for them to think about their future.

What Is Love?

For the boys to think about what love is and the meaning of it.

How Can I Overcome Challenges?

For the boys to know and develop a growth mindset.

What Skills | Emotions Do I Have?

For the boys to reflect on the skills and talents that they have learnt.

What Is Confidence?

For the boys to understand the meaning of confidence and know that confidence comes with experience.

What Happens When I’m Brave?

For the boys to recognise the need to make a difference, even when no one else does.

What Is Empathy?

For the boys to know why helping others is important.

How Can I Be More Self-Aware?

For the boys to recognise how they can control their emotions.

We also have two additional curriculums that explore social skills and personal development.

ROAR Youth

Our ROAR group is our after-school club for boys where we explore topics including confidence, life skills, talents and games in a safe and creative space! Our ROAR group offers the space for boys to be themselves and develop bravery, opportunities and regulation. Our ROAR Youth sessions are available for boys in school years 4-6.
The sessions run on a weekly basis and our Roar leaders support the running and delivery of the sessions as well as supporting the boys who attend. Our Roar leaders are role models to these boys and offer a non-judgemental and listening ear.
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