Cherished Workshops

At Cherished, we are passionate about giving everyone who interacts with children whether it be outside or in school the best quality training. With this, we have create a series of bespoke sessions designed to explore the needs and topics identified by schools and community groups themselves, that will ultimately enable you to support children and young people in need.

Kind Time | Kind Club

Kind Time is for children in reception, year 1 and year 2 and focuses on the importance of kindness, empathy and compassion. We use special story books to start discussions and conversations about kindness and within each session there will be a craft linked with learning. The sessions run for 45 minutes and start with a story. All children are given a pair of slipper socks to wear, a soft sensory blanket to cuddle as well as a Kind Time teddy bear. The story and craft has a special focus. The children will then have an activity or thought card to take home with them to carry on their thinking!
Kind Club is our after-school club focusing on kindness, compassion and being a good friend! Kind Club is for children in years 1, 2 & 3 in primary school. Children will explore a theme related to kindness through a story book. They will have space to be creative, share their feelings and experiences with others as well as play games and have lots of fun! Upon joining Kind Club children will be given a Kind Club teddy bear and a Kind Club membership badge which they can proudly wear!

Poetry Workshops

Find the words and make them thunder!
We offer Poetry Workshops to girls in year 9 at secondary school. Our workshops are a space for girls to own their story, their way. Over 6 weeks the girls learn how poetry works, and how it can be used to connect with themselves and others. We explore poetry and feelings, poetry clichés and phrases and getting comfortable with performance and confidence.
Our Poetry Workshops include:

Introduction to Poetry:

To develop a modern understanding of poetry in today's society.

Poetry Clichés and Phrases:

To explore clichés and phrases to express their feelings.

Getting Comfortable with Performing:

To encourage the girls to speak out loud and own how they feel about it, is powerful.

Poetry and Feelings:

To understand how poetry works and why it makes us feel things.

Physicality of Feelings:

To explore the physicality of feelings - noticing how something feels in our body and naming emotions as physical reactions.

Putting It All Together!

A space for the girls to learn about their emotions and experiences and through that, take ownership and control over them.

If you would like Cherished to hold a Workshop or Flourish conference for girls within your Primary, Secondary school or Community Group please get in touch!
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Animation Workshops

We run creative and engaging 60 – 90 minute workshops for up to eight referred boys and girls to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure. These sessions have worked well for children on the autistic spectrum and provide a safe space to make friends and explore creativity through animation, craft and digital tools!
Our Animation Workshops include:

What Does Kindness Look Like?

An alien-themed animation workshop where children create characters and use paper-cutout stop-motion animation techniques to make short films about kindness. Most suitable for Year 4 and Year 5 students who love arts and crafts and storytelling. A session for children to boost self-confidence, social skills, and friendship, as well as ICT skills.

What Does Doing Good Look Like?

A monster themed workshop where children will create characters and use paper-cutout stop-motion animation techniques to make short films about doing good deeds. Most suitable for Year 4 and Year 5 students who love arts and crafts and storytelling. Aims to boost self-confidence, social skills, and community spirit, as well as ICT skills.

Thinking Out Of The Hat:

Story-telling with puppets workshop. Children will draw three prompt words out of a hat to inspire a short story. They will make puppets out of card, split pins, sticks, and perform their story as a group to their friends. Most suitable for Year 5, Year 6, and Year 7 students who love arts and crafts, storytelling and drama. Aims to boost teamwork, creativity, and storytelling/English skills.

Create-A-Pillar Craft Workshop:

The group will create segments of a sensory snake. Each child will fill a segment template with colours, doodles, and textures that represent who they are and what they enjoy. At the end, all of the segments are connected together. Most suitable for students up to Year 4 who love arts and crafts and working with their hands. This workshop will specifically aim for a quiet working environment to better accommodate SEN students. Aims to boost self-confidence and self-expression through art.

Strike a Pose! – Drawing Workshop:

Children will take turns to strike funny poses and make funny faces which their friends have to draw on their whiteboards in only 10-20 seconds! Most suitable for Year 5 and above students who love to draw. Aims to boost self-confidence and drawing skills.

Traditional Paper Animation Workshop:

Children will use pencils and paper to draw 2 frame animations of a character dancing. Afterwards, the frames will be photographed and compiled into GIFs. Most suitable for Year 5 and above students who love to draw. Aims to boost creativity and drawing skills.

Bespoke Workshops & Events

We also offer bespoke workshops tailored to a range of needs and themes. We explore self-esteem and identity, compassion and connection, mental health, secondary school transition and plenty more!

Supermovers | Secondary School Transition Workshops

Available for Year 6 groups at the end of the academic year to prepare them for the move to secondary school. In this creative workshop we alleviate worries, engage in myth busting, introduce coping tools to manage their emotions and offer advice and support.

Mental Health Workshops

In time for children's mental health week, we offer a series of mental health workshops to create wellbeing benefit for groups of children. All children are provided with a mental health resource and develop skills throughout the workshop on themes such as kindness, gratitude and wellbeing.

Coping With Exams – You Have Got This!

A calming workshop for school pupils who are due to sit exams. A safe and supportive space to explore coping techniques for stress and anxiety.

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